Theme documentation

Purchased the Dresser theme, or thinking of getting it? Please read the following text, and get the most out of this design.


1. About Dresser

The Dresser theme is specially made for fashion retailers. A minimalistic design and a lot of features are offering your visitors the experience they're used to get from fashion stores.

Google web fonts

Google web fonts offer you the possibility to choose out of different styles for your online store. The fonts are 100% free. You can choose the fonts under Design > Theme Editor > Theme Settings 

Customise theme

The Dresser theme is made to give you as many options to change your theme as possible. Besides being able to change colors, the layout itself is fully adjustable as well. Banners can be added or deleted, and you can choose between the many features that this theme has to offer. You can find all the settings under Design > Theme editor > Theme Settings.


Logo: 230 x 60px

Favicon: 16px x 16px Click here for more info about favicons

Image sizes

Important: the size of images is in pixels. The first number is the width, the second the height. For all images: it is possible to upload the image is its original size times two, three, and so on.


970px width

Big banners homepage

475px x 320px

Small banners homepage

228px x 190px


440px x 600px

Category page / Navigation banner

500px x 300px


2. Shop the look

Shop the look is a shopping function that makes it possible for customers to buy products that match a certain look. To use this functionality, follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Activate template data

In the back office, go to Settings > Workflow and activate 'Extra template Data'.

Step 2: Create a product

2.1. In the back office, go to products and click on 'Add product', top right.

2.2 Create a title for the look and leave the other fields empty. Click 'Save'.

2.3 Add a description for the look, the same way as you would do it for any other product.

2.4 Scroll down until you see 'Custom template data'. Add the keyword 'look' to the empty field next to 'data 01'. From now on, your product will be recognized as a 'Shop the look' - and not as a regular product.

Important: Make sure the keyword 'look' doesn't contain capital letters or spacing.

Step 3: Add products to the look

Important: If you haven't created any products for your look yet, make sure you'll do that first, then you can add them as described below later on.

3.1 Scroll to 'Related products', within the page where you just edited your product.

3.2 Add items that apply to this look by clicking on 'Add product'.

Step 4: Showing the looks on your homepage

4.1 Go to Design > Featured products within your back office.

Important: if you don't have any products in here, you can immediately go to step 3.

4.2 Delete the product(s) that were automatically placed on this page by selecting the product(s) and clicking on 'Delete' at the bulk actions.

4.3 Add the look you've just created by clicking on 'Add product', top right.

4.4 Go back to Design > Theme editor > Customise theme. Scroll down until you've reached: SHOP THE LOOK

4.5 Make sure that Shop the look is activated.

Extra: If you've created a page with multiple looks, you can add the link to that page in the text field.


3. Instagram feed

The Instagram feed functionality offers the possibility to inspire your customers with your own Instagram pictures.

Showcase pictures of your own profile (Instagram feed / Option 1)

Step 1: Enable the functionality

Step 2: You will need two main IDs: Your Client ID and your Access Token. To get both, please go this link and follow the instructions given on the page.

Step 3: Insert your client ID in step 11. INSTAGRAM FEED. This ID is usually a code of about 30 letters and numbers.

Step 4: Enable 11. INSTAGRAM FEED - OPTION 1: INSTAGRAM PROFILE IMAGES and insert your Access Token in the first field. Copy the first characters before the dot of your access token (usually about 10 numbers) and paste this in the User ID field.


Display pictures with a certain hashtag (Option 2)

This functionality is currently not working due to a change in the policy of Instagram.  


4. USP bar

The Dresser theme offers the possibility to showcase 'unique selling points' within your online store. With the right sentences, you can convince your customers to buy quicker. USPs can be easily added, go to Design > Customise theme, and then search for '04. Unique selling points'.  

You can add a maximum of 6 USPs. If your online store is using multiple languages, you'll need to add the texts as a translation. Go to Content > Translations. The text you've filled in will be the key.


5. Banners

Within the Dresser theme, it's possible to add texts to your banners. These texts are easy to add, just go to Content > Translations. For the first banner, you'll use 'Banner 1 text' as a key, for the second banner 'Banner 2 text', and so on.

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